Welcome to Laughter’s Voice!

Laughter’s Voice is a new residential summer camp for kids ages 6-18 who stutter. In the format of traditional summer camp, kids will enjoy swimming, archery, horseback riding, drama and crafts. Although no formal speech therapy will be offered during camp, speech language pathologists- in-training (with one licensed supervisor) will be present to discuss aspects of stuttering through games and informal conversation, and will incorporate strategies to promote fluency in various activities. We will explore and celebrate the voice through  singing, acting, story-telling, shouting, sharing and laughing!

Why: We intend to bring children who stutter together to experience a newfound and enduring sense of belonging that will ultimately replace the feelings of isolation which so many children who stutter have come to expect. Laughter’s Voice will achieve this outcome through the community-building and confidence-inspiring experience that is summer camp. On a day to day basis, children who stutter typically experience their stutter as a major distinguishing feature of their social existence. By contrast, Laughter’s Voice will seek to eliminate the dominance of stuttering in campers’ lives because everyone at camp will have a stutter. Our hope is that children who might hold themselves back from participating in social activities because of their stutter will no longer feel the need to limit their involvement in any way. We look forward to hearing the kids open up to all opportunities for expression at camp, and to take away an enduring confidence and expanded sense of self.

Where: Mansfield Outdoor Centre, Mansfield, Ontario (within 2 hours’ drive of most of the GTA)

When: July 13-19, 2014

Cost: $400 + HST. This program is generously subsidized by Harmonize for Speech.