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Basic Principles Of Web Design Services

When the website is designed, you should not only concentrate on design of the website but also concentrate on search engine facts, because it is crucial to enhance the website’s visibility to the best. Let us discuss some of the important elements of SEO compliant web designing service.

Attractive Title and Heading:

In SEO friendly web design service, it is very important to include unique title tag and description in each of the pages. Major search engines display the first the 65 to 67 characters of the title and thus, frame your page title not more than 67 characters. Another important factor is incorporating targeted keywords in the title. You can apply the same rule to page description. The characters fetched by search engines in case of a page’s description are 165 but, the limit varies among different websites. Miami website design company primarily focus on title tags to stay as SEO-friendly.

‘Alt’ Tags:

In SEO friendly web design services, ‘Alt’ tags are used for images to keep the textual information out of the images. Search engine spiders usually won’t recognize the images and hence, ‘Alt’ tags are provided to help such spiders by giving some information about the images, thus enabling them to index. Here also the targeted keywords are used in the ‘alt’ tags.

CSS Navigation and CSS Stylesheets:

CSS drop down navigation and CSS stylesheets are two most crucial practices in SEO compliant wen design service. CSS navigation is used to make the text crawlable by the search engine spiders. CSS Navigation aids the search engine spiders to index information which are used in the navigational menu and also help the spiders to follow the hyperlinks that are used in the site’s pages. CSS stylesheets will help the web page to load fast as soon as you browse the page.

No Usage of Hidden Texts, Flash and Frames:

In SEO friendly web design service, it is strictly prohibited to use the hidden texts, flash and frames.

Sitemap File:

The sitemapfile.xml is usually located at the root of the website because this location is most frequently visited by search engine spiders. The designers should also create a HTML version of the sitemap and use the webmaster tools and submit the sitemap to Google.

404 Errors:

It is necessary to check the website is protected from 404 errors by web designer. 404 errors may occur due to faulty linking and designer can identify the cause using webmaster tools.