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Beginner’s Sewing Machine Buying Guide

Sewing machines are one of the great innovation. Initially, it was manufactured for garment factory production lines allowing them to produce uniformly mass production. The sole purpose behind this invention was to decrease the amount of manual working and today, modern factories incorporate the same mass production techniques.

Modern sewing machines are designed to perform one specific function such as embroidery and you will find numerous Embroidery Machine available in the market. Sewing machines with different functions are used inorder to complete clothing items in a production line. For a sewing enthusiast, sewing is fun and buying sewing machine can be exciting but for a beginner it is a daunting task. With variety of sewing machines available, making an appropriate decision to purchase one is much more complex. Before investing your money on sewing machine, here are few question you should ask yourself.

What do I sew? If you are going to use sewing machine for only repairing your old cloths, curtains or stich some cloths occasionally then it is not advisable to buy an electronic machine with gazillion of stiches. On the other hand if you would like to design your own cloths, embroider, make variety of cloths then basic sewing machine cannot satisfy all your needs, it is wise to invest more on good quality embroidery machine that does fancy stiches and patterns.

How often will I sew? If you are a beginner and not sure you will skill yourself in sewing, it is best to go for second hand machines available in your local area or if you are going to use it occasionally you can probably spend some money on good quality machine.

What features do I need? Knowing this will allow you to ignore sewing machine that does not have features that you need and if a machine has features it will help you to narrow down your choices. Automatic buttonholer, good pressure control foot pedal, speed control, tension adjustment and stitches are some basic features you should look in any sewing machine.

How much am I prepared to spend? This is a very important question as it will narrow down range of machines you look for and it keeps you fixed to the machine that is most suitable for your price range.

Once you have answered all these questions, you need to do some research. Look for sewing machines reviews in online and take advice from any of your friend who sews often. Their experience can help you to choose best sewing machine.