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Blend With the Pro

Smoothies and ice cold drinks are always one of the best favorites whatever season it is. Desserts and processed vegies are never absent in the dining table because it simply tickles one’s appetite. And desserts are always good when it come in smooth form simply done with a very good blender. Blenders are one of the best buddies of kitchen any enthusiast. It is very easy to use and produces desirable results. So how to find the best blender under 100 to work your recipes with? Blender is the answer.

Features of the Blenders

  • Super Blades. Blender is specialized product enhanced with super blades for a more powerful and quick smoothening of fruits and crashing of ice. You’ll see a very big difference with the result if you’ll compare it to blended fruits made by other brand of blenders.
  • Dishwasher Friendly. Aside from a very smoothie result, you wouldn’t come up with dull dishwashing because as the container can be stored in the refrigerator, the blender can be washed with a dishwasher too! You read it right. So worry no more about those cumbersome large pitchers and containers. It can be even be dried out inside.
  • Aesthetically designed. The blades are ascending upward which assures even blending and uniform product. The motor is also on the top. You can simply place it on the blender or chopper, lock it and press it down. It is practically safe because there’s no way to open it while the blades are running.
  • Versatile Blender. Blender also dices, malts, fluffs, slices and not just blends. It all depends on your recipe’s required ingredient design.
  • Comes in complete Package. The whole Blender package includes 2 cup bowl, splash guard, lids, 48 oz pitcher and a recipe book.

How to treat the Blender

  • Use soft brush only in cleaning crevices.
  • Never force parts like when the top portion did not lock up properly into place. Gently glide the top portion until it matched the container.
  • Blend steadily and watch for possible overheating.

Where to Buy the Blender

Originally, the Blender can only be purchased through ordering via email. It was advertised on late night shows featuring modern kitchen appliances. Now, it is also available on different leading stores of kitchen appliances. You can choice from the list of stores below:

  • Wal-Mart
  • Bed Bath & Beyond
  • Sam’s Club

Prices, contact information and ordering methods and payments are explained on their sites.

Enjoy doing the chopping, crushing, blending or even making ice cream with the help from the Blenders. Get your best recipe designed the way you want it. Blend now with the pro.