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Cleaning Handmade Messenger Bags Using Suede

With handmade กระเป๋า สะพาย being sold at a high price, it is logical that you will take a lot of care if you bought one. The quality that comes with these messenger bags is what pushes the price high. It is easy to dismiss it, but those who have used them previously will testify and confirm the same.

Depending on the use you bought it for, you need to keep it clean to maintain its color and quality to serve you for long. Since all handmade messenger bags are made of leather, you need to know the basics required in cleaning the same without destroying the material if you are cleaning a stain. There are many substances you can use to clean your bag. Follow this steps when you to using suede.

All you need is a bristled brush that can be found in the suede cleaning kit. You can choose to improvise a manicure brush or a toothbrush. The improvised tool should be a new. At first using short gentle strokes, brush at the stained area in the same direction. This helps to loosen the stain and the fibers at the region. Proceed to buff the stain with back-and-forth motions. Some fibers may shed off. You should not worry because it’s simply the dirty threads coming off. Then polish the area using an eraser sponge that you can purchase from the stores around you. With the sponge, go back-and-forth until the dirt comes off. If the dirt is still not coming off, you can opt to steam clean it.

The cheapest way to achieve this is hanging the bag in the bathroom after a hot shower. The moisture is enough to loosen the stains. After steam cleaning, let it dry after that and buff the area with your soft bristled brush.

If the stain is not coming off up to this stage, consider using alcohol or vinegar to deal with this stubborn stain. Using a washcloth, deep it in the alcohol solution or vinegar and buff it to the stain. Allow it to dry and buff it now with your brush. These solutions are preferred over water because they don’t stain the suede on the handbag.

Most people don’t want to apply these solutions because of their smells. You should not worry because the smell will eventually go away with time. If the stain persists, you may be required to buy a particular suede solution dedicated for such stains on your handmade messenger bags. After cleaning, consider shaving off long fibers that came as a result of the buffing.