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How digital photo frame works?

Digital picture frames are electronic devices which perform the function of displaying photos in the form of a slide show. They look similar to a conventional photo frame and are available in several colours, shapes and sizes in the market. Photos once taken in this digital era are kept stashed in the hard drives of computers, mobile phones, hard disks etc. People rarely have time to go through them again and again. Digital photo frame solves this problem to a certain extent. Inside this digital frame is placed a basic computer whose main function is to display the photos.

The digital pictures have internal memories which can hold hundreds and thousands of photos. The images are displayed on a LCD screen which resembles the screen of a basic laptop computer. In fact sometimes digital picture frames are so well designed that it becomes hard to distinguish between them and a conventional picture frame. Some of these have a remote control as well. Digital picture frames also have motion control sensors which switch the device off if it is unable to detect a movement in the room for a certain period of time which can be preset by users. In the same way, they turn on automatically once movement is sensed.

Some digital picture frames have internal memory. With this method, a computer or camera can be hooked up to the frame. Pictures are uploaded to the frame using software that comes with the frame. The memory slot method uses a memory card with pictures on it. The frame reads the memory card and displays the pictures. Using the Internet method, which is available through WiFi or a direct Internet connection, pictures can be sent through the Internet to the device. Also digital picture frames come with two options; battery operated and those that use a power cord. Some have options for using both.

A power cord is considered the better option if you intend to keep the frame on 24 hours in a day. But if you want to carry the picture frame to a different place or place them in a different room, rechargeable batteries are your best choice. However one should keep in mind that a digital frame which operates with the help of batteries switch off after an hour or two in most cases. After that again you have to recharge the batteries and place them in the device for it to work.

Photos can be uploaded into digital picture frames using USB devices, memory cards etc. Also some of the latest models of digital picture frames are designed to connect with wifi. Using wifi functionality one can send or receive pictures from friends and relatives who are thousands of miles away. Some digital picture frames have built in MP3 players, clock and calendar functions etc. These help a person to listen to their favourite music while viewing the slide show of images. Some digital photo frames especially the bigger ones have the provision of hanging on walls. While others are best suited to be kept over a table or a mantel piece.