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How To Benefit From Banner Advertising?

Banner advertising has recently been introduced in the internet world to promote one’s business. This advertising method dates back to the time when word press did not include the entire relevant sites one wanted to visit. Then, people used this free banner advertising on each other’s websites to advertise other relevant sites in the network and navigate people to the site which they wanted to view when they clicked on the link provided or hidden behind the banner. Each banner that was displayed on the site would get a free impression to keep the whole banner network active and running along. This, worked wonders in bringing in traffic to the advertised banner webpage.

When Google came up with advertising concept, they were successful in convincing that investing in Adwords pay per click ad process would yield more effective results. However, it took lot of other advertisement process such as adbrite and so on before people reduced, rather stopped using Banner exchange ads.

But the irony was that it was only Google who profited from the contextual PPC advertising.

In these tough financial times, it is good to re-evaluate the worth of banner advertisings at They are free to use as you can use the banner exchange method to enter into sites which you could not do on your own, and nowadays, there are lot of Banner exchange offers that one can easily take advantage of.

The click per page rate to one’s site might not be more; however, it would not be less than 5 per day per banner networking advertising that one is involved in. But, if one advertises in 3 sites, the site will get 15 clicks per day, which are 280 clicks to the site in one month which is completely free. One can now, evaluate the cost involved to get 280 clicks through pay per click campaign method.

This evaluation will help one understand the benefits of Banner advertising and also know how Banner advertising is still popular in advertising sector. Banner advertising will be beneficial for start-ups to experiment as there are several Banner advertising ways that are free to use, they are visual and fun too! The results are clear and transparent. The reporting too gets simpler and clearly one can know from which banner, rather which site is helping them get most of the traffic to their website and that too at a very low cost or no cost at all.