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How To Create A Trainer For A PC Game Using Cheat Engine?

What you Need to Create your Own Trainers?

If you want to create your own trainers for a PC game, you will need to get a cheat engine for such process. In addition to that, you should learn some basic techniques to find values. If you don’t have any knowledge or not yet handled any cheat engines, read this tutorial on basic cheat engine handling. You are required to be more patient. If the game is somewhat bigger, then it will be harder to actually get a trainer working. You will have to start, scan, restart for quite some time in order tog et multiple pointers running and, majorly requires is your patience.

Basic Concept:

Usually when a game run on your PC, there will a data stored on RAM called physical memory address like”00E0E990”. Whenever we start the process, addresses will hold different values at each and every time and hence, it won’t be the same addresses at all times. Now you need to find a pointer and, this is nothing but a certain function within the process that points you toward the right value. This is the basic process involved in creating a trainer. You are looking for a function in the game process that will always point you toward the value you want to change, no matter where on the physical memory the value is stored at. It will be complicated kind of, but you will understand easily once you create your own game trainer program.

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How it Works?

While choosing the pointer, ensure that you are choosing the right one in order to scan it and change it according to your need. After that we run a pointer scan for that address and you will come up with a whole lot of pointers. Now, you have to narrow down the selection of pointers, so again restart the game and, rescan using the same value and its new physical memory address. Such process is repeated until you get below 300 or sometimes less than 100 pointers.

Now, you should grab all those pointers and, import them into your Cheat Table by double-clicking them. Now you can restart the game again and then connect Cheat Engine. Therefore you can now easily find the right pointers by comparing their values to the displayed values in the game.