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How To Remove Scratches From Glass

No matter how much careful you will be with handling any glass surface, it is more likely to get a scratch or crack on it. scratches on glass will come in different sizes and depths. If the scratches on the glass are superficial, then they can be removed using some simple tricks but if it is very deep, rough or old you may find it impossible to remove, this scratches require either professional help or replace of a glass.

Determining the type of scratch will include a small trick, just run your finger nails on glass and if the scratch stops you from moving or nail gets stuck inside the crack then it is a deep scratch. The very first step for removing the scratch will start from choosing a polish or buffing element to buff the glass, to remove the scratches without causing any damage then make use of buffing component that is made to use it on any glass. Some user friendly buffing components are toothpaste, metal polish, nail polish and jeweler’s rouge. Make sure that the polishing component are not abrasive because it is prone to make more scratches on glass. You need to follow some guidelines before buffing, always remember to be safe when you are trying to fix scratched glass and make sure that you handle the glass with care.

Clean and dry the glass before applying the polishing compound, the scratch and the area around the glass should be completely dry. Dab some polishing compound on buffing pad and apply it on scratch, start rubbing it gently in a circular motion using light pressure. You can often use electronic buffer on medium speed for large and deep scratches. Keep on buffing for some couple of minutes and check if the scratches are visible, you can use some more polishing compound if the scratches are still visible and keep on buffing until the scratches are removed. Sometimes you cannot see the scratches but sometimes they are not removed and neither visible.

After buffing clean the surface of glass using water and cloth, you can even use some glass polish to improve the appearance of glass to give it an extra shine. There are some cases in where you cannot remove any scratches from glass, in such cases you need to seek professional help to fix it. The professionals will be able to remove scratches if you are unable to remove it by buffing. Deep scratches or crack can affect the glass strength, it is recommended to replace the glass for safety purpose.