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How To Watch HD Movies Online Without Losing Data?

Everyone loves to watch HD movies and videos online. In fact people have nowadays reduced TV viewing to a greater extent thanks to the advent of HD. But people everywhere are encountering a major problem of losing mobile data which is still costlier. One cannot keep changing mobile plans or operators frequently to get more data.

You can now watch all the cool videos on Netflix without breaking the bank to buy new data packs using some tips and tricks.

There are many data saving apps that are available in the market these days. You can easily download one of them to prevent data drainage while attempting to watch HD movies online. These apps have the ability to save data up to 60% and this data saving is more applicable while streaming videos through Nwtflix or Youtube. The app even keeps a record of data saved after every session. Also make use of Wi fi connections as much as possible while watching HD movies online at This can save data and provide an uninterrupted flow of the movies or videos. Install another app like the Wi- fi finder which can list out all the Wi- Fi hotspots in a particular area. You can choose the one which is not protected with a password for the purpose. You can get free Wi- Fi these days in most of the public spots like railway stations, malls, airports etc.

Adjust the screen resolution and reduce it as much as possible to match the screen size of your smart phone. This can prevent data drainage. Many video based apps like You Tube and Netflix provide you with the option to change video quality. One can make use of this feature to prevent data drainage. Netflix even gives you the option to choose between the three settings of Low, medium and high.

Set a limit for data within the device using the settings available in smart phones. This will provide notifications and can prevent you from the embarrassing situation of getting the pop up message that data pack has expired while watching your favourite video or HD movies online. Use the mobile version of the site instead of the Pc version. This will reduce the data usage. If a website does not have a mobile version, just add m in front of the url of the website .This in turn can prevent loss of data.