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Important Factors of Intelligence Quotient

The Intelligence Quotient is just a measure of the performance of person’s brain. It is a technique to assess the intelligence of a person in terms of scores. The ability of a person to understand and learn the things is called intelligence. IQ is a term derived from the German language by the German psychologist Stern in the year of 1912 and it is being rapidly used in the 21st century.

Intelligence Quotient test is being performed based on the verbal skills, how fast you can perceive the things, memory power and there are also some questions related to general knowledge which you come across in your daily life. The questions are being framed such that, they are little twisted to test how fast you can respond to those confusing questions and get the results. The questions are not aimed to test the intelligence of a person in terms of general knowledge. The test is mainly focused on determining the depth of knowledge a person has.

The other way of measuring the intelligence based on how long the person can retain the memory on learnt subjects and apply those on certain situations. Many are very curious about knowing their IQ score and always expect that it should be above 100. It is because, society shows respect to those who have a great IQ. The people with good IQ will be having a chance of getting good job with highest salaries and achieve more in their life.

The IQ test is being introduced in 19th century. The report says that there is a gradual increase in IQ score for every 10 years by 3 points. The reasons may include the improvement in quality of education to the children in present days which are mainly concentrating on boosting the IQ level. Many studies also say that improved nutrition’s and healthy diet results in gradual increase of IQ score.

The ways of increasing IQ score include meditation, simple exercises which maintains the blood circulation and the healthy diet. Reading also improves your intelligence and verbal power and it is the most beneficial way. As we know aptitude test is a part of IQ test, logical reasoning and problem solving also helps in improving the intelligence level. Make a habit of playing the games like chess, cross words and other related games which improves the ability to think. As we grow old, the IQ level keeps on increasing by 10 points and it’s a natural phenomenon.