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Instructions To Apply Console Skins And Controller Skins

Are you bored of looking the old consoles and you are thinking of making it look attractive and stand above the rest consoles? This is possible with console skins which are used to create unique looks and innovative styles. These super-durable and ultra-thin skins come with patented air release technology for zero bubble surface and smooth surface that projects your console from scratches without adding any sorts of bulk.

Console skins is seamlessly integrated with all bags, arm bands, docks and cases. They are laminated and printed with highest quality standards and precision fitted for your console. Console skins like PS4 skins look stunning with brilliant texts, photos and designs. When you peel off the skin, there is no chance to see any kind of left residue from the skin.

What do you need to apply console skin?

Basically, you do not need any special tools to fix your skin, but we know from experience that following the installation instructions makes it easier. Things such as a flat, clean surface like kitchen table, one damp cloth, 1 dry cloth, 1 cleaning, a pointed object like potato peeler, pas such as credit card needed to apply your console skin.

Basic Installation Tips:

  • You make sure that your hands are thoroughly washed before you start. Because natural oils form the skin damage the skins.
  • Clean the console or controller using damp cloth and water.
  • Try to handle the skin properly that it won’t get stretched or damaged with your force.
  • Do not remove the clear protective, as this protection is there to protect your skin

Now you can start installing the skin on your console or controller by preparing a clean table to place all the necessary things for applying the console skins. Wash you hands thoroughly using soap to remove all the natural oils form your hands. Then use a damp cloth to clean the surface of console or controller. Use water only for cleaning. Make your device dry, use a dry cloth and do not leave any water residue. Prepare your skin by using a sharp pointed object to gently remove the unnecessary parts. Now you can start placing the skin. Controller skin will work from the inside out, take your time. Make sure everything fits together. Make sure you know what skin should be placed on what part of the console. Ironing remaining fine bubbles through a lens cloth and make sure you do not damage it by pressing too hard the skin. Thus, you have finished applying the console or controller skin.