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Limited Ingredient Dog Food Reviews

Limited ingredient dog foods are largely used these days due to the amount of allergies in dogs. It has been found that most of the dogs suffer from food allergies. The common causes for this type of allergy are the proteins, some of the common types of meat used in the foodstuffs of dogs such as beef, chicken, lamb etc. Some dogs are also allergic to wheat and other grains. Some of the common symptoms of allergies owing to food are persistent itching, continuous licking of paws and feet, stomach upsets etc.

People these days try to take better care of themselves in order to prevent health problems. The same applies for their pets also. Many dog owners are keen to provide their dogs with high quality nutritional meals and do not spare any expense in purchasing them. Let us review some of the top brands in the limited ingredient dog food segment Provided by

Blue Basics Limited Ingredient dog food – This comprises of a lesser number of ingredients compared to other brands. But its food is loved by dogs for its varied flavours and textures. In every package, you can find some brilliant ingredients like deboned turkey, nutritious pumpkin and carbs etc. You will not find ingredients such as beef, chicken, eggs, soy dairy, corn or wheat as these are found to be the main cause behind food allergies.

Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diet Dry Dog food – With this brand, a dog owner can have peace of mind knowing that you are not feeding your pet any questionable or unhealthy ingredients like artificial colours, flavours, grains or foods loaded with preservative. Your dog can get optimum nutrition which is a combination of the best natural ingredients comprising of carbohydrates and proteins. This dog food is free from preservatives, grains, artificial colors and flavours.