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Weslo Treadmill or Gold’s Gym Treadmill – The better choice

Those who wish to own a treadmill for their homes are spoilt for choice these days with too many brands flooding the market. While a small section of people want to practice on a regular basis, some are just occasional users who do not have time to practice regularly or use other fitness equipment. Over the years many people are using this machine as it improves their health and reduces the risk of cardio vascular diseases. Even though many people look at this machine with disdain on hitting the gym, it is one among the best if used properly.

Choosing the right treadmill also plays a major5 role in aiding you to achieve your fitness goals. With so many brands available, one is always in a dilemma as to what suits best for him or her. In this article you can understand the difference between the top two models namely the Weslo and the Gold’s Gym Treadmill.

Weslo Treadmill

The Weslo is a simple machine and is apt for beginners. Even the price tag is low compared to its counterparts. Its maximum capacity is however limited to 275 lbs which can pose quite a threat for those who are on the heavier side. Another drawback is the warranty period which is just limited to 90 days for the machine and 1 year for the motor. It is best suited for walking and light running and is not meant for fitness fanatics or professional athletes.

It is light in weight and can be set up or folded easily. The machine comes with six in built work out programs and a thumb sensor to measure the pulse. Apart from this, the console also has one touch keys and the usual water bottle holder.

Gold’s Gym Treadmill

The Gold’s Gym machine on the contrary is costlier. But the parts are made of plastic and are easily breakable. It is heavier and one needs more people to assemble or dismantle the machine. The hand grip heart sensor makes it impossible for you to remove your hands from the handles while using the treadmill.

The one touch keys on the console allow you to access 18 workouts and several incline levels. Those who wish to listen to music while working out, should choose this machine, as it is compatible with MP3 and iPod. Further Gold’s Gym gives you a whopping 25 year warranty on the motor and lifetime on the frame.